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“The Trip” is a series of films that take viewers on a culinary and comedic journey through the breathtaking landscapes of the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain. Starring British comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, the trilogy is a combination of improvisational comedy and food travelogue. Each film follows the duo as they embark on a restaurant tour like a comedic journey. Sampling some of the finest cuisines that each country has to offer while engaging in witty banter and hilarious impressions along the way. The trilogy has become a cult classic, praised for its stunning cinematography, incredible performances, and hilarious humor. In this article, we will take a closer look at each film in the trilogy. Examining the themes, characters, and comedic journey that make them so memorable. Join us on a journey of food, laughter, and adventure as we explore “The Trip” trilogy.

The Trip


You probably won’t lose when you have Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon at your disposal. But even with great backgrounds, we know they make stupid movies. Winterbottom’s trilogy tells about the culinary journeys of two not exactly friends (the wonderful English frenemies only partially translated into Russian as “frenemies”). This began a little earlier when the gang worked together on the set of “Tristram Shandy”. The film adaptation of the great 18th-century British book, written as a perfect postmodern novel.

The “journey” begins with a call from one old friend to another. A famous presenter is offered to write a guidebook about the culinary delights of Scotland (imagine there are such things) and go around Michelin-starred and similar places. He needs a companion – and his old friend, lesser-known actor Rob Brydon, happily married, agrees to ride. To escape from the routine. But mainly to compete in the image of celebrities and stinging remarks about how they cook in the north of England.

Approximately the same will happen against the backdrop of Italian and Spanish landscapes. But whether it’s the southern sun or the local light cuisine, the misanthropy of the first film will disappear. And Winterbottom’s idea will still remember as a comedy. Robert De Niro, British TV stars, Shakespeare and Cervantes are constant references in the colloquial trilogy about the grueling contest of “whose life is more successful.” The misanthropy of the first film will disappear, and Winterbottom’s idea will still remember as a comedy.

Shapito-shou: Lyubov I druzhba


This story is about an unsuccessful trip to Crimea (before “Krymnash”), in which empty hopes are shattered on the Crimean rocks. It is actually a very funny satire about Russia that has confused the shores. The novels are satirically called “Love”, “Friendship”, “Respect” and “Cooperation”. Of course, we will not talk about all these high feelings. The characters would like love and respect, but it’s still a comedy. A cute piglet meets a high-flown fat sociopath online and travels with him to Crimea with tents. Moscow mods take on a company of deaf-mutes to make it more fun and imitate the Soviet pioneer detachment. A son estranged from his father decides on a male adventure to get closer. An eloquent metropolitan hustler finds a modern copy of Viktor Tsoi and goes on a tour of the province with him, showing off the invention of an ersatz star. 

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